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With headquarters in Mauritius, the Group AUSTRAL FLAVORS specializes in the processing and manufacturing of natural products originating throughout the Indian Ocean.

AUSTRAL FLAVORS’ widening spectrum of activities has resulted in the formation of a group in this region, notably in Madagascar where it possesses major infrastructures. This enables the company to get an entire spectrum of supply in order to serve the international marketplace with enhanced effectiveness.

The Group’s founders and governing members possess more than 30 years of experience in the spice and food processing industry sector. Much of this experience has been acquired through past collaboration with some of the most successful commercial and industrial companies of the region.

AUSTRAL FLAVORS’ main activities includes:
  • Essential Oils : extraction facilities, and a network of subcontractors and collectors.
  • Spices : manufacturing and conditioning facilities supplied by a network of reliable collectors.
  • Vanilla : processing and conditioning facilities supplied by vanilla plantations and a network of cultivators carefully selected and specialized to produce the best Bourbon Vanilla.
  • Canning factories : spices, fruits, and vegetables.

Our Business core is mainly located in Madagascar where we manage different sectors of operations.

MADAGASCAR FLAVORS departments consist of : 

1) Sourcing : direct purchasing, collectors network, and corporate plantations
  • Manage and supervise a network of cultivators and collectors.
  • Manage and supervise a wide range of plantations
  • Constantly master the flows, costs, and quality of our raw materials
2) Production facilities
  • Manufacture and condition products
  • Master technical processing methods
  • Condition products according to client specifications, international standards, or to the requirements of a particular market segment.
3) Logistics
  • Storage and international dispatch center located in the country’s capital, Tananarive(air-freight), and on the East coast’s largest port, Tamatave (sea freight).
  • Control purchasing, stocks, and shipping flexibility.

The Groups’ organization is based on a dynamic network, guaranteeing our presence in the field, to resources and throughout the distribution canal. This flexibility allows us to intervene at different levels while constantly adapting our operations to the realities of the market.

Worldwide Commercial Infrastructures

Our group is comprised of a network of commercial agents located throughout Europe, North America, and Asia. Each agent manages our products in their respective geographical region and provides the company with constant market feedback. As direct representatives of our group, they nevertheless retain a certain freedom of decision-making in their respected commercial zones.


The group possesses affiliates in certain geographical zones: these affiliates are members of the group.
This international structure allows us to supply of professionals acting in their respective domains, such as:

Food processing
Cosmetic and fragrance
Pharmaceutics and para pharmaceutical
Physical therapy
Hygiene and personal care

The seasonal character of our activities has oriented our strategy towards trading services with a strong added value. Our company policy is determined by the following significant elements.


We have long-standing partnerships with our suppliers (planters, farmers, collectors). This historic collaboration rests on four key factors:

  • Exceptional quality standards applied to our treatment procedures which ensures that natural products remain bioethical
  • Commitment on the delays and regularity of volumes
  • International standards and norms
  • Permanent monitoring and prospect of new markets
NARROWING THE DIVIDE: Offices and Agents

An array of different products and inventories is available on demand to clients around the globe. With offices strategically located throughout North America, Europe, and the Indian Ocean, AUSTRAL FLAVORS offers products and services of proximity on a local scale. We pride ourselves on our strong reputation for customer service and care, providing one on one interaction with clients on a local level.

AUSTRAL FLAVORS utilizes these resources to address the needs of the marketplace: more quickly, more efficiently.


By working at the source, Austral Flavors is able to manage costs, thus passing abundant savings to the consumer. Our network of independent suppliers of raw materials, collectors and growers allows our company to respond to specific producers of niche market products to which we outsource non-industrial volume production. By participating as an active member in several national and international professional associations, our company maintains a permanent watch on product technologies and market developments.


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